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Quick View Leto Oil Burner Blend by Salus

Leto Oil Burner Blend by Salus

Leto, the favourite lover of mighty Zeus, was the caring and adoring goddess of motherhood.A revitalising blend of lavender, rose, vanilla, patchouli and mandarin.Add 3 to 6 drops to an oil burner and top up regularly. Key Ingredients: Lavender /...
Quick View Letter Writing Set - Japan

Letter Writing Set - Japan

Japan The Letter Writing Set box contains 10 sheets of 4 different designs (printed on one side), so 40 sheets in all of A5 writing paper (150x210mm/6”x8¼”). Included are 40 matching envelopes (20 x 2 designs)...
Quick View Lobster - Wall Decoration

Lobster - Wall Decoration

  Hidden beneath the water surface lies a wondrous world full of fascinating creatures. Soundlessly, strong and delicate sea creatures like lobsters and sea horses walk, float and swim past rocks and corals, among shells and swirling grains of sand...
Quick View LOQI Bag - Bananas

LOQI Bag - Bad Bananas

Bad Bananas by Tess Smith - Roberts Foldable shopper bag with Zip pocket.  We thought you'd never ask!:I weigh 56 g.I can carry 20 kg.My size is 50 x 42 cm.My zip pocket is 11 .5 x 11.5 cm.My handle is 27 cm.I'm made of 100% recycled taffeta by...
Quick View LOQI Bag - Frida Kahlo Borderline

LOQI Bag - Frida Kahlo Borderline

In "Self Portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States", Frida Kahlo depicts herself on the border between two worlds on the recycled tote bag. The pre-columbian view of Mexico, with a temple, Aztec iconography and native plants...
Quick View LOQI Bag - Hilma AF Klint

LOQI Bag - Hilma AF Klint

Black and white. Light and dark. Male and female. Life and death. Hilma af Klint's swan represents the union of opposites. Travel to new horizons with this recycled tote bag. Hilma af Klint rarely exhibited her groundbreaking paintings. Convinced the...
Quick View LOQI Bag - Stephen Cheetham

LOQI Bag - Stephen Cheetham

A siren Siamese. A sneaky Sphynx. A purring Persian. Take your daily dose of cute kittens to go with you Stephen Cheetham’s Cats collection. Stephen Cheetham combines bright, vibrant colors, clean lines and a bit of humor here and there, evoking...
Quick View LOQI Bag - Thai Floral

LOQI Bag - Thai Floral

A vibrant floral pattern illustration arranged with typical Thai flowers make this recycled tote bag fresh and colourful. Pomme Chan is an illustrator whose eclectic style gets its inspiration from every day life. Florals, fauna, fashion, and the female...
Quick View Loqi Bag - Van Gogh Irises

LOQI Bag - Van Gogh Irises

Full of softness and lightness. Curved silhouettes bounded by wavy, twisting lines. Contrasting purples and greens on the Irises recycled tote bag. LOQI teamed up with the highly-acclaimed Getty Museum to bring you Vincent van Gogh’s recycled...
Quick View Love Oracles: Sex & Romance Inspiration From the Good, the Bad, & the Beautiful

Love Oracles

  Struggling to meet the right partner? Worried your powers of seduction are lacking somewhat? Want to improve your relationships with family and friends? Elizabeth Taylor, Shakespeare and a host of famous lovers are here to help. Simply select...
Quick View Luxury Vegetable Soap - Deck The Halls

Luxury Vegetable Soap - Deck The Halls

The Deck The Halls Christmas Soap Bar from the Christmas Collection is a luxury soap, enriched with shea butter to create a nourishing and moisturising lather. Wrapped in beautifully designed vintage-style festive papers, these soaps are laced in...
Quick View M-Spoons


Matryoshka measuring spoons. M-Spoons are based on traditional Russian folk art. By any measure, they're really cute! But nobody succeeds on charm alone, so we also made them nesting, accurate, easy to clean and simple to hang. It's the kitchen...
Quick View Mini Insulated Tote - Leopard

Mini Insulated Tote - Leopard

The Lunch Bag that leads a double life.... Cute Upright styling, fits your lunch, toiletries or a six pack of stubbies! Also great for baby food as bottles can sit upright. 19cm x 19cm x 15cm Zip closure Double Handles Made from Recycled Plastic (RPET)...
Quick View Mini Insulated Tote - Tartan

Mini Insulated Tote - Tartan

The Lunch Bag that leads a double life.... Cute Upright styling, fits your lunch, toiletries or a six pack of stubbies! Also great for baby food as bottles can sit upright. 19cm x 19cm x 15cm Zip closure Double Handles Made from Recycled Plastic (RPET)...
Quick View Baltic Amber

Mini Tin Candle - 113g

Voluspa's unique coconut wax blend is hand-poured into a 4 oz (113g) metal vessel adorned in Japonica pattern and is topped with a matching lid that keeps the candle dust-free when not in use. The single wick allows you to enjoy fragrance throw for 25...
Quick View MoMA Alume Clock

MoMA Alume Clock

This new version of the popular Alume Cube Clock features improved functionality and easier time and alarm settings. Just snap your fingers or tap the top of this cube and the LED display illuminates to reveal the time, date, and temperature. Contains...
Quick View Mushroom Incense Burner

Mushroom Incense Burner

Transform this mushroom into a Fun-GI by filling it with incense! Enjoy the Sandalwood scent and be transported to another world. Contains 1 Mushroom Incense Burner, 1 Resting Dish, & 4 Incense Cones.
Quick View Naked Ramblers - Mini Plant Pot

Naked Ramblers - Mini Plant Pot

Feel free to put these cheeky lil plant accessories anywhere in your indoor jungle. Each boxed pack contained four Plant Pot Naked Ramblers - these will go perfectly alongside your succulents, cacti and indoor plants. Decorate your plants pots with...
Quick View Neoprene Wine Bottle Bag

Neoprene Wine Bottle Bag

Head off to a barbeque in style with the neoprene single wine bottle bag. Handy to transport soft beverages to a sporting match too. Makes a great housewarming gift! 14cmW x 38cmH **Also available in a double wine bottle bag