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Quick View Redecker Cedar Balls (10)

Redecker Cedar Balls (10)

Natural moth protection without chemicals! Untreated red cedar repels moths whilst bringing the pleasant scent of the forest to your closet. When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly...
Quick View Redecker Hedgehog Brush

Redecker Hedgehog Brush

Form follows function - with a smile of course! Redecker's handy Hedgehog Brush is a great all purpose house brush. Use it to sweep crumbs from the table and for general dusting and cleaning...
Quick View Redecker Pot Brush

Redecker Pot Brush

   Cleaning couldnt be easier with the pot scrubbing brush. The stiff but flexible union fibres are designed to handle heavy duty cleaning and is ideal for scrubbing out stains on a...
Quick View Redecker Toast Tongs

Redecker Toast Tongs

No more burnt fingers! These handmade wooden tongs from Redecker are a safe way to simultaneously grip and remove toast, bagels, crumpets and waffles from the toaster.  Crafted from untreated...