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Quick View Bashful Beige Bunny Soother

Bashful Beige Bunny Soother

  Rolled up tight and presented with a ribbon round it, Bashful Bunny Soother is the perfect gift for any newborn arrival. When the soother is untied, Bashful Bunny won't let go - nor will anybody else's paws, especially babies! Suitable from...
Quick View Bicycle Bell - Street Pirate Skull

Bicycle Bell - Street Pirate Skull

Calling all pirates! Give your bike an edge with this fun and graphic bike bell featuring retro styling and a bold skull print. Easily mounted on the handlebars of any bike - now you can blast your friends as your speed past them in style!Size: 6 x 3 x...
Quick View Book - Feeling Grateful

Book - Feeling Grateful

FEELING GRATEFUL How to Add More Goodness to Your Gladness Written by Kobi Yamada Illustrated by Charles Santoso From the same New York Times best-selling author-illustrator team behind the endearing book Finding Muchness comes...
Quick View Book - Finding Muchness

Book - Finding Muchness

What is muchness? And how do you find it? Muchness is the full-hearted abundance of hope, joy, and imagination that each of us has when we come into this world. Over time, as we take on more responsibilities and worries, our doubts and fears have a way...
Quick View Book - Maybe

Book - Maybe

A story about the endless potential in all of us. Written by Kobi Yamada / Illustrated by Gabriella Barouch You are the only you there ever has been or ever will be. You are unique in all the universe. Just the odds of you being here at this exact...
Quick View Bug Rendez-Vous

Bug Rendez-Vous

Turn yourself into a nature explorer and investigate different fauna and flora from around the world! Unwrap a surprise chest full of pop-out cardboard animals and paper leaves and build up a magnificent world on your walls. From mossy woods around the...
Quick View Match Pairs of Pussycats to Become The Cats Whiskers for Cat Lovers Cat Dominoes is the game that all cat-lovers will want to get their claws on! ...

Cat Dominoes

Match Pairs of Pussycats to Become The Cats Whiskers for Cat Lovers Cat Dominoes is the game that all cat-lovers will want to get their claws on! Simply match pairs of pussycats to become the cat’s whiskers. The purr-fect gift for the cat...
Quick View Classic Pick Up Sticks

Classic Pick Up Sticks

Classic Pick Up Sticks is a family classic! This classic quality Pick-up Sticks game will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Perfect for family game night or a rainy day inside. A game for 2 or more players. Set contains 31 wooden pick up...
Quick View Classic Spud Gun

Classic Spud Gun

Simply stab the barrel into a potato, break off a pellet, aim and shoot.Excellent demonstration of the Boyle Law, the Kinetic Theory of Gases, and Newton's Laws of Motion.
Quick View Construction Set - Aeroplane

Construction Set - Aeroplane

The Rex London Super Construction sets are for experienced builders and constructors. This pack contains all pieces, tools and instructions to make fabulous metal vehicles. Be warned, these are for the serious! Age: 8+
Quick View Dino Skull Chopsticks

Dino Skull Chopsticks

Let’s get right to the point: mealtime can be tricky. This unique dinosaur skull opens and closes its mouth as you squeeze the easy-to-use, animated chopsticks. It is sure to make every meal dino-mite! Made of food-safe ABS. They're perfect for...
Quick View DIY Rainbow Flower Kit

DIY Rainbow Flower Kit

Create your own fun and exciting rainbow flowers with this DIY Kit! Add colour to your day by dying your own colourful bouquet with all the colours of the rainbow. This kit includes everything you need to colour your own flowers – just split the...
Quick View Dream Team Sports Activity Set

Dream Team Sports Activity Set

The ultimate gift for sports-mad kids, Dream Team is an all-in-one activity set packed full of engaging activities. Great for solo or interactive social play, Dream Team encourages reading, writing, drawing and design skills through...
Quick View Erasable Flora Pen - Turquoise Ink

Erasable Pens Assorted

Say goodbye to crossing out mistakes or reaching for the correction tape: with the Legami Corgi Erasable Gel Pen you can rub out your errors and keep writing. Thanks to the heat-sensitive black ink and rubber tip, you can make...
Quick View Finding Muchness Duckling Plush

Finding Muchness Duckling Plush

"If in doubt, love more. The heart is much like a balloon: the fuller it becomes, the more it wants to fly.”— An excerpt from Finding Muchness This adorable little duckling is here to remind you to live bravely, care deeply, and...
Quick View Flower Press

Flower Press

This super cute, wooden press is perfect for little hands and includes everything you need to preserve your favourite flowers, petals and leaves. Made from sustainably sourced timber. Set includes: wooden press, 7 pieces of corrugated cardboard, and 10...
Quick View Jellycat Bashful Bunny Beige - Medium

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Beige - Medium

$45.00 On Sale
  Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with scrummy-soft Jellycat fur and lovely long flopsy ears. With just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let go. Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift for boys or girls. Everyone treasures this little...
Quick View Jurassic Adventure Pinball

Jurassic Adventure Pinball

You don't need to hit the arcade to have a fun game of pinball! This unique dinosaur themed pinball game is easy to play and loads of fun. It's handheld and compact enough to take on the road, so it's a great way to keep kids...
Quick View Kid's Bento Box - Burger

Kid's Bento Box - Burger

LUNCH IS BACK AND BENTO THAN EVER Parents know this scenario all too well: you prepare the perfect lunch for your kids, then transfer it to an everyday, soft-sided lunch tote. On its way to the lunch table, it gets crushed on the bus, smushed in the...
Quick View Kid-O Magnatab Numbers

Kid-O Magnatab Numbers

  Magnatab 0-9 – Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic lessons. Erase with...
Quick View Kid-O Magnatab Uppercase

Kid-O Magnatab Uppercase

  Magnatab Uppercase – Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow arrows. A magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines. Erases with the tip of a finger.
Quick View Legami Recorder - vintage memories

Legami Recorder - vintage memories

$9.95 On Sale
The Legami recorder has German fingering and is made of ABS, divided into three parts. Suitable as a teaching aid for those who want to start learning to play the recorder. Descant recorder is in the key of C .  Includes: 1 x descant recorder...
Quick View Lobster - Wall Decoration

Lobster - Wall Decoration

  Hidden beneath the water surface lies a wondrous world full of fascinating creatures. Soundlessly, strong and delicate sea creatures like lobsters and sea horses walk, float and swim past rocks and corals, among shells and swirling grains of sand...
Quick View Magnatab - Free Draw

Magnatab - Free Draw

Let the magnetic stylus be your pen and the bead board be your paper. Use your imagination to draw shapes, letters and pictures, popping individual beads to the surface. Erases with the tip of a finger. Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 2 cm Suitable for children...
Quick View Maybe - Flying Pig Plush

Maybe - Flying Pig Plush

Here’s a friend ready to share in all your dreams and adventures. A companion to the enchanting tale Maybe, this adorable plush is here to remind you that anything is possible — that pigs were meant to fly and that you were meant to...
Quick View Mizzie The Kangaroo Memory Game

Mizzie The Kangaroo Memory Game

Flourish Your Mind with Mizzie The Kangaroo's 'Mizzie Memory Match & Flash Cards'! A multi-level memory match and flashcard game to flourish the curious toddlers' mind!  The curious toddler's mind will HOP into a fun learning journey with our...
Quick View Name That Bum Hole

Name That Bum Hole

- 55 animal bums, trivia, and facts- Includes dogs, cats, wild wolves, turkeys, and turtles- It’s an educational flashcard game- A great party game- And an easy card game for family game nights