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Tasteology Chicken Salt

$19.20 On Sale
Tasteology Gourmet Chicken salt is our own luxury version of the everyday chicken salt. Sprinkle on hot chips, vegetables, chicken, meat and fish. They only use natural ingredients, no added MSG or...
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Tasteology Chilli Oil

$19.20 On Sale
  Our TASTEOLOGY Chili Olive Oil is  Extra Virgin Olive Oil carefully infused with Chili, creating a spicy oil that will add extra flavour to your meal. We love using this oil for stir...
Quick View Tasteology Chilli Sauce

Tasteology Chilli Sauce

$14.95 On Sale
Tasteology Chilli Sauce is made from Australian Chillies and is full of flavour and burn. It's amazing on your BBQ meats or any dish that needs a bit of heat added! This Chilli Sauce is sugar free...
Quick View Tasteology Herb Salt Grinder

Tasteology Herb Salt Grinder

$19.20 On Sale
Our TASTEOLOGY Herb Salt has a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt, which has been carefully mixed in with dried Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Parsley and Sage. This creates a very versatile herb...
Quick View Tasteology Pasta Seasoning

Tasteology Pasta Seasoning

$19.20 On Sale
TASTEOLOGY Pasta Seasoning is your new go to for any pasta sauce! Packed with delicious herbs and spices, simply add a fhew shakes of this to your pasta sauce and enjoy! This seasoning comes in a...
Quick View Tasteology Spiced Baby Figs

Tasteology Spiced Baby Figs

$20.95 On Sale
Marinated for hours in spiced syrup, our baby figs make a delicious addition to your cheeseboard and go especially well with Blue cheese. You can also use these in meat dishes, desserts and with...