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Quick View Loqi Bag - Van Gogh Irises

LOQI Bag - Van Gogh Irises

Full of softness and lightness. Curved silhouettes bounded by wavy, twisting lines. Contrasting purples and greens on the Irises recycled tote bag. LOQI teamed up with the highly-acclaimed Getty Museum to bring you Vincent van Gogh’s recycled...
Quick View Love Oracles: Sex & Romance Inspiration From the Good, the Bad, & the Beautiful

Love Oracles

  Struggling to meet the right partner? Worried your powers of seduction are lacking somewhat? Want to improve your relationships with family and friends? Elizabeth Taylor, Shakespeare and a host of famous lovers are here to help. Simply select...
Quick View M-Spoons


Matryoshka measuring spoons. M-Spoons are based on traditional Russian folk art. By any measure, they're really cute! But nobody succeeds on charm alone, so we also made them nesting, accurate, easy to clean and simple to hang. It's the kitchen...
Quick View Maverick Emergency Poncho

Maverick Emergency Poncho

Emergency Poncho by Maverick. Lightweight, tough and helps preserve warmth by reflecting up to 99% of body heat,while providing a water resistant barrier to the elements. Emergency whistle included and this handy poncho comes in a compact storage bag...
Quick View Meal Planner Notepad with Magnet

Meal Planner Notepad with Magnet

Get organised with these funky Meal Planner Notepads by Designworks Ink. Plan your week and decide what's on the menu for dinner with a meal planner that is not only functional but stylish and comes in 2 vibrant colour blocks. Includes generous space to...

Memo Bottle - A6

The petite (375ml) A6 memobottle is made from durable FREEZER SAFE plastic allowing you to safely and conveniently carry your water in when you are on the go. Includes two leakproof lids. (1 black, 1 white)  The memo-lids are made from...
Quick View With an elegant form and minimal appearance, the A7 memobottle will easily become part of your daily routine to stay healthy and hydrated.

Memo Bottle - A7

The A7 Memobottle is the most compact in the Memobottle collection. Holding 180mls it's one of few bottles that can fit inside a clutch, blazer or your pocket at a festival. Armed with the A7 Memobottle you will be sipping in style. Always sip...
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Quick View Discover the art of drinking with memobottle.

Memo Bottle - Slim

With an elegant form and minimal appearance, the Slim Memobottle will easily become part of your daily routine to stay healthy and hydrated. The transparent exterior turns ordinary H20 into a mesmerising and playful work of art, that also...
Quick View Mini Insulated Tote - Tartan

Mini Insulated Tote - Tartan

The Lunch Bag that leads a double life.... Cute Upright styling, fits your lunch, toiletries or a six pack of stubbies! Also great for baby food as bottles can sit upright. 19cm x 19cm x 15cm Zip closure Double Handles Made from Recycled Plastic (RPET)...
Quick View Baltic Amber

Mini Tin Candle - 113g

Voluspa's unique coconut wax blend is hand-poured into a 4 oz (113g) metal vessel adorned in Japonica pattern and is topped with a matching lid that keeps the candle dust-free when not in use. The single wick allows you to enjoy fragrance throw for 25...
Quick View MoMA Alume Clock

MoMA Alume Clock

This new version of the popular Alume Cube Clock features improved functionality and easier time and alarm settings. Just snap your fingers or tap the top of this cube and the LED display illuminates to reveal the time, date, and temperature. Contains...
Quick View Mushroom Incense Burner

Mushroom Incense Burner

Transform this mushroom into a Fun-GI by filling it with incense! Enjoy the Sandalwood scent and be transported to another world. Contains 1 Mushroom Incense Burner, 1 Resting Dish, & 4 Incense Cones.
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Quick View Naked Ramblers - Mini Plant Pot

Naked Ramblers - Mini Plant Pot

Feel free to put these cheeky lil plant accessories anywhere in your indoor jungle. Each boxed pack contained four Plant Pot Naked Ramblers - these will go perfectly alongside your succulents, cacti and indoor plants. Decorate your plants pots with...
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Quick View Neoprene Wine Bottle Bag

Neoprene Wine Bottle Bag

Head off to a barbeque in style with the neoprene single wine bottle bag. Handy to transport soft beverages to a sporting match too. Makes a great housewarming gift! 14cmW x 38cmH **Also available in a double wine bottle bag
Quick View Backpack compresses easily into its own internal zip pocket when not in use, ideal for storing in your luggage.

Port-A-Pack Foldable Backpack - Assorted Colours

Maverick Port-A-Pack Foldable Camping Backpack is made with durable Ripstop fabric this compact, ultra lightweight backpack is the perfect daypack for travel, camping, hiking and more.It compresses easily into its own internal zip pocket when not in use,...
Quick View Redecker BBQ + Grill Brush

Redecker BBQ + Grill Brush

Redecker's BBQ Brush is an essential cleaning tool for all types of BBQ grills. The robust brass wire bristles help to remove tough burnt on grease and grime. Handle made from untreated beechwood Size: 8cmL Made in Germany Germany's Redecker is a...
Quick View Redecker Cedar Balls (10)

Redecker Cedar Balls (10)

Natural moth protection without chemicals! Untreated red cedar repels moths whilst bringing the pleasant scent of the forest to your closet. When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly with sandpaper.These balls are the perfect way to...
Quick View Redecker Copper Cloth (set of 2)

Redecker Copper Cloth (set of 2)

Fine copper threads gently remove persistent burned on cooking grime. This set of two handy cloths has been designed so as to not leave scratches on enamel and stoves. The copper fibre also has the added benefit of polishing sinks, pans, ovens, ceramic...
Quick View Redecker Hedgehog Brush

Redecker Hedgehog Brush

Form follows function - with a smile of course! Redecker's handy Hedgehog Brush is a great all purpose house brush. Use it to sweep crumbs from the table and for general dusting and cleaning.  Size: 11.5 x 19cm Made from oiled beechwod and black...
Quick View Redecker Heidi Scrub Brush

Redecker Heidi Scrub Brush

  This all purpose brush is made from untreated beechwood with extra stiff union fibre bristles. The perfect brush for vigorous cleaning and scrubbing! Use indoors or outdoors. Size: 12cmL Made in Germany   Germany's Redecker is a family...
Quick View Redecker Mussel + Oyster Cleaning Brush

Redecker Mussel + Oyster Cleaning Brush

Redecker's Mussel/Oyster Cleaning Brush features firm natural bristles that work to clean debris from the outer shell. The oval shape is perfect for maintaining a firm, safe grip whilst cleaning. ‐ Vegan‐ 100% natural‐ 100% biodegradable‐ Untreated...
Quick View Pit Towel

Redecker Pit Towel

This recycled cotton terry towel by Redecker is ultra absorbent and woven in assorted brightly coloured threads. Perfect to use in the kitchen as a drying mat for washing up, as a hand towel, pet towel or to keep handy with the picnic set. *colour...
Quick View Redecker Pot Brush

Redecker Pot Brush

   Cleaning couldnt be easier with the pot scrubbing brush. The stiff but flexible union fibres are designed to handle heavy duty cleaning and is ideal for scrubbing out stains on a variety of surfaces. Perfect for cleaning pots and pans, the...
Quick View Redecker Toast Tongs

Redecker Toast Tongs

No more burnt fingers! These handmade wooden tongs from Redecker are a safe way to simultaneously grip and remove toast, bagels, crumpets and waffles from the toaster.  Crafted from untreated beechwood. Size: 17cmL Made in Germany Germany's...
Quick View Roach Clips - bag clips

Roach Clips - bag clips

ROACH CLIPS are eerily realistic, all-purpose spring-loaded bag clips that will make you jump! Rubbery TPU roach with a sturdy ABS clip. (Pack of four)  Care Instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth
Quick View Assorted Mini Heart Tins

Sara Miller Little Gestures - Mini Heart Tins

Cute Mini Heart Shaped Tins from the Sara Miller London, Little Gestures collection. These stunning tins are beautifully finished with gold detailing. Fill with little treats, or treasurers for any occasion. Available in 6 designs. Care instructions...
Quick View Selfish Star Wars Card Game

Selfish Star Wars Card Game

YOU ARE SEARCHING THE GALAXY FOR THE REBEL SCUM ABROAD THE MILLENNIUM FALCON...  UPGRADE YOUR SHIP AND REACH THE REBELS FIRST!   This devious strategy game is a race across the galaxy to be the first to capture the Millennium Falcon...
Quick View Shopper Tote Bag - Tartan

Shopper Tote Bag - Tartan

For the quick dash to the shops, or those times when your handbag is just not enough, the shopper is here to keep you going. Height 35cm/ Width 32 cm/ Depth 18cm Soft Handles Matte Finish, Sturdy woven RECYCLED plastic (RPET) Wipe...
Quick View Star Wars Trivia Game

Star Wars Trivia Game

“Your focus determines your reality.” How well do you know Star Wars? Test your knowledge with the most challenging Star Wars trivia game. "May the force be with you."  Features: Great gift idea for Star Wars...
Quick View Steam Releaser & Spoon Holder

Steaman - Steam Releaser & Spoon Holder

Don’t you hate it when your pot boils over? This looks like a job for Steaman!This super-strong cooking hero can do it all- lifting a lid, holding a spoon, and saving the world!Whether he is acting as a trusty spoon holder, or holding your pot open...
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Quick View Tasteology Chicken Salt

Tasteology Chicken Salt

$19.20 On Sale
Tasteology Gourmet Chicken salt is our own luxury version of the everyday chicken salt. Sprinkle on hot chips, vegetables, chicken, meat and fish. They only use natural ingredients, no added MSG or other nasties. Herbs used are all dried before they go...
Quick View Tasteology Chilli Oil

Tasteology Chilli Oil

$19.20 On Sale
  Our TASTEOLOGY Chili Olive Oil is  Extra Virgin Olive Oil carefully infused with Chili, creating a spicy oil that will add extra flavour to your meal. We love using this oil for stir fries and oriental dishes, seafood, pastas, steaks or...
Quick View Tasteology Chilli Pepper Grinder

Tasteology Chilli Pepper Grinder

$19.20 On Sale
  TASTEOLOGY Chilli Pepper will add heat to any dish! As one of your kitchen staples, peppercorns give a pungent kick to all dishes, elevating the use of other spices used in the recipe. This pepper comes in an oversized, high quality glass grinder...
Quick View Tasteology Chilli Sauce

Tasteology Chilli Sauce

$14.95 On Sale
Tasteology Chilli Sauce is made from Australian Chillies and is full of flavour and burn. It's amazing on your BBQ meats or any dish that needs a bit of heat added! This Chilli Sauce is sugar free and comes in a glass bottle for easy pouring. 150ml...
Quick View Tasteology Gourmet Pepper Grinder

Tasteology Gourmet Pepper Grinder

$19.20 On Sale
Our TASTEOLOGY Gourmet Pepper is a flavoursome mix of black, white, green and red peppercorns. As one of your kitchen staples, peppercorns give a pungent kick to all dishes, elevating the use of other spices used  in the recipe.   This pepper...
Quick View Tasteology Herb Salt Grinder

Tasteology Herb Salt Grinder

$19.20 On Sale
Our TASTEOLOGY Herb Salt has a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt, which has been carefully mixed in with dried Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Parsley and Sage. This creates a very versatile herb salt to be enjoyed on a wide variety of foods...
Quick View Tasteology Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Grinder

Tasteology Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Grinder

$19.20 On Sale
TASTEOLOGY Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is harvested from the Khewra salt mines, where salt has been harvested for over 800 years. Our 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect addition to any meal. Pink Himalayan Salt has a high content of trace minerals...
Quick View Tasteology Pasta Seasoning

Tasteology Pasta Seasoning

$19.20 On Sale
TASTEOLOGY Pasta Seasoning is your new go to for any pasta sauce! Packed with delicious herbs and spices, simply add a fhew shakes of this to your pasta sauce and enjoy! This seasoning comes in a 17cm tall glass bottle with a shaker flap cap and all...