Fragrance Diffuser Winter Berries 50ml

Palm Beach
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Reminiscent of a stroll through a sweet-scented forest, mulled wine in hand, this invigorating fragrance of Winter Berries combines fruity, evergreen and woody notes. Signalling the start of the festive season, this scent features top notes of Cassis, Rhubarb and hints of Grapefruit, fused with a heart of White Florals and Rose and a base of Patchouli and Orris. A true fusion of wild Winter Berries, this fragrance will ensure your space becomes a haven of olfactory bliss.

The mini version of the original Fragrance Diffuser. 50mls of perfection for your kitchen, bathroom or bedside with up to 1.5 months scent life.

Fragrance notes:

  • Top - Green, Cassis, Rhubarb, Hints of Grapefruit
  • Heart - White Florals, Rose
  • Base - Woody, Patchouli, Orris

Contains 1 x 50ml Fragrance Diffuser with up to 1.5 months scent life