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Quick View Poo Bingo

Poo Bingo

Discover all you ever wanted to know about poo – and more – with Poo Bingo. Featuring 24 animals and their uniquely shaped poos, this is the bingo game to end all bingo games. Kids will delight in discovering that wombats poo in cubes and...
Quick View Selfish Star Wars Card Game

Selfish Star Wars Card Game

YOU ARE SEARCHING THE GALAXY FOR THE REBEL SCUM ABROAD THE MILLENNIUM FALCON...  UPGRADE YOUR SHIP AND REACH THE REBELS FIRST!   This devious strategy game is a race across the galaxy to be the first to capture the Millennium Falcon...
Quick View Silicone Icy Pole Holders

Silicone Icy Pole Holders

Everyone loves a cool icy pole on a hot day… make your own from your own ingredients using fruit, or milk-based ice cream. The boxed set contains six silicone holders in multiple colours, and each has a lid to prevent spillage in the freezer...
Quick View Star Wars Trivia Game

Star Wars Trivia Game

“Your focus determines your reality.” How well do you know Star Wars? Test your knowledge with the most challenging Star Wars trivia game. "May the force be with you."  Features: Great gift idea for Star Wars...
Quick View Torch Projector - Animal Kingdom

Torch Projector - Animal Kingdom

  24 images over 3 interchangeable discs! Shine the Torch Projector on your wall or ceiling and project the selected image up to 90cm wide. Includes keychain, so you can take it anywhere. Item Made from: ABS & HIPS Plastic. Lens: PMMA...
Quick View Unicorn Chopsticks

Unicorn Chopsticks

Let’s get right to the point: mealtime can be tricky. Genuine Fred’s MUNCHTIME Unicorn makes mealtime magical with chomping chopstick action. The unicorn opens and closes its mouth as you squeeze the easy-to-use, hinged chopsticks. They're...
Quick View Virtuality - VR Glasses

Virtuality - VR Glasses

360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses. Immerse yourself in new worlds with the Virtuality glasses. Download any compatible VR App, insert your smartphone and be transported. Virtuality VR Glasses allow the user to adjust the lens focus and headband strap,...