Solar Queen in Pink

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God Save the Queen! The Solar Queen, that is! The Solar Queen is a must-have for any lover of the crown. Just set Her Majesty in the sun and watch her give her classically elegant wave the world has known for decades! If you never get to meet the queen, getting a wave from The Solar Queen is the next best thing! All you need is a spot of sunlight! You may never get that invitation to Buckingham Palace, but you can invite The Solar Queen to tea any day! Just give The Solar Queen a little sun and you'll feel like the guest of honor. The Solar Queen is the perfect way to pay tribute to Her Royal Majesty.

The Queen has been a royal visitor at Absolutely Fabulous for many years and  a popular favourite amongst our customers.  


Designed By: Chris Collicott

Dimensions:  19 x 7.5 x 5 cms 


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