Millennial Slang Playing Cards

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OMG fam, that clap back was savage. But that’s what they get for phubbing you.

Feel like millennials are speaking a foreign language sometimes? Don’t stress! This millennial slang playing card set will help you learn the lingo without you needing to get “lit”.

Each of the 54 cards in this deck is printed with a millennial slang phrase, so whenever you pick up a card you're learning something new! 
Gift this deck to travellers, expats or overseas friends and give them a head start on the road to becoming fully snatched!


  • A deck of 54 cards
  • Each features a slang phrase or word from the millennial handbook
  • Cards also include slang definitions
  • Great gift for the “elderly”  


  • Dimensions: Box is 6.5 x 9 x 2 cms 
  • Material: Cardboard/Card
  • Inclusions: 52 suit cards + 2 jokers


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