Antonio Ben Chimol OO

masai stainless steel bracelets w gold spheres set 20

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This pack contains 20 stainless steel flexible spring bracelets that roll over your hand like a glove, and feel lovely and light to wear. 24k gold spheres are scattered through the design. They are a stunning addition to any outfit and are great for both day and evening wear. For more impact, wear two packs together!

 Made in Spain and also available plain or with silver  beads. Please note: only half the bracelets are beaded.


  • Material composition: Stainless steel and sterling silver
  • One size fits all
  • Care instructions: Please roll the bracelets gently over the hand without stretching
  • Waterproof

Antonio Ben Chimol is a natural born artist who knows how to mix passion, courage, elegance, irreverence and provocation in each one of his creations.  He draws  inspiration from the environment and ancient tribes - rather than follow fashion trends the collection references nature, its colours and its beauty. These organic elements are fused with modern technology and materials.


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