JosephJoseph Bloom™ - folding steamer basket

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With its self-adjusting sides, heat-resistant silicone feet and silicone side fins, this folding steamer basket is perfect for using with both non-stick and stainless-steel cookware. It features an easy-lift handle for safe removal, has a large capacity when fully open and folds neatly away for compact storage.

Features & Benefits

• Self adjusting sides to fit a variety of pans

• Safe for non-stick pans

• Fork-hook allows for easy and safe removal from pan

• Heat-resistant silicone fins and feet

• Suitable for pans up to 28 cm

 If used with a lid, pan must be at least 10.5 cm deep.

Caution: Always ensure there is sufficient water in the pan to allow steam to be produced and top up the water if necessary during cooking. Never allow the pan to boil dry or overheat as this may cause damage to the product and your pan. This product should only be used in pans with vertical sides and is not suitable for use in frying pans or woks. We recommend that the initial water level in the pan should reach the base of the basket - approximate depth 2.5 cm.

Dishwasher safe.


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