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Quick View Hand Carved Hook - Crocodile

Hand Carved Hook - Crocodile

The Crocodile wall hook is a handmade, practical and charming addition to any interior. Each Wildlife Garden sturdy metal DecoHook is decorated with a linden wood animal head, hand carved, individually brush-painted and unique. Your favourite...
Quick View Hand Carved Hook - Kangaroo

Hand Carved Hook - Kangaroo

Our hooks are hand-wrought and hand painted with many beautiful details. The hook is in metal. Combine several of our wall-mounted animal motif hooks to create a charming and inviting atmosphere in your hallway. About the Kangaroo The kangaroo is the...
Quick View Hand Carved Hook - Kookaburra

Hand Carved Hook - Kookaburra

Our hooks are hand-wrought and hand-painted with many beautiful details. The hook is in metal and is wall-mounted. Beautiful and practical for everyone, young and old, who likes the wild animals of Australia. About Kookaburras The kookaburra is the...
Quick View Hand Carved Hook - Northern Cardinal

Hand Carved Hook - Northern Cardinal

The Northern cardinal lives in North America, mostly in eastern USA all the way from the southern states to the Canadian border. This colourful bird prefers living in bushes and it’s very territorial. The bird is quite popular in the USA and...
Quick View Hand Carved Hook - Sheep

Hand Carved Hook - Sheep

A woolly sheep as a design for a clothes hanger - perfect for a children's room or the hall. Did you know that sheep have been man's pets for a very long time - almost as long as the dog, who was first? This white sheep is carved in wood, and the hook...
Quick View Joseph Joseph Barwise - Wine Stopper

Joseph Joseph Barwise - Wine Stopper

With just a simple twist these wine stoppers keep your unfinished wine fresher for longer by creating a secure airtight and leakproof seal that can be released easily when you're ready for the rest. Helps keep opened wine fresher for longer Easy-to-use...
Quick View JosephJoseph Multi-Grip Mandoline ™

JosephJoseph Multi-Grip Mandoline ™

This handy gadget helps to create even slices of fruit or vegetables quickly and easily, whilst keeping your fingers safely away from its sharp stainless-steel blade. Unlike other mandolines, it has a precision food grip that allows you to slice a...
Quick View Redecker Hedgehog Brush

Redecker Hedgehog Brush

Form follows function - with a smile of course! Redecker's handy Hedgehog Brush is a great all purpose house brush. Use it to sweep crumbs from the table and for general dusting and cleaning.  Size: 11.5 x 19cm Made from oiled beechwod and black...
Quick View Pit Towel

Redecker Pit Towel

This recycled cotton terry towel by Redecker is ultra absorbent and woven in assorted brightly coloured threads. Perfect to use in the kitchen as a drying mat for washing up, as a hand towel, pet towel or to keep handy with the picnic set. *colour...
Quick View Slate  - Cheese Board

Slate - Cheese Board

  Black European slate has been hand cut to become a perfect serving tray for cheese, seafood or any other condiment.Oiled with the highest food grade oil making it safe for food. Packaged in our custom jute bags with soapstone pencil should you...
Quick View Steam Releaser & Spoon Holder

Steaman - Steam Releaser & Spoon Holder

Don’t you hate it when your pot boils over? This looks like a job for Steaman!This super-strong cooking hero can do it all- lifting a lid, holding a spoon, and saving the world!Whether he is acting as a trusty spoon holder, or holding your pot open...
Quick View Tasteology Chilli Oil

Tasteology Chilli Oil

Our TASTEOLOGY Chili Olive Oil is  Extra Virgin Olive Oil carefully infused with Chili, creating a spicy oil that will add extra flavour to your meal. We love using this oil for stir fries and oriental dishes, seafood, pastas, steaks or grilled...