Free Play Magnatab

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We absolutely love the Kid O Magnatab range! This free play magnetic board allows children to use the magnetic stylus as their pen and the board as their paper and then the creations are endless! They can use their imagination to draw shapes, letters and pictures. They are incredible for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.  Great for a range of ages, children have the chance to express their inner artist! Children use the magnetic stylus to pulls the beads up to create solid lines, then run their finger over the beads to erase their creationIn addition, it offers a wonderful sensory play opportunity for children. 

Why we rate this product so highly:

  • It’s engaging and fun, and offers so much learning
  • Encourages open ended play
  • A fun sensory experience when they erase their creation with their finger
  • Great for fine motor development
  • Develops hand-eye co-ordination
  • Helps children develop their pencil grip
  • Portable and easy to store which makes it great for travelling!

Suitable for children of ages 3+.


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