M-Cuisine -  Make More of your Microwave

M-Cuisine - Make More of your Microwave

25th Jul 2016

We have never really embraced microwave cooking. Our microwave at home is usually used to heat the wheat sack. Until now! We have stocked Joseph Joseph products for years and love what they do so when they introduced M-Cuisine™ we had to rethink our position. Drum roll please….

Introducing M-Cuisine™, a new range of highly functional cookware that enables you to prepare a variety of delicious food in your microwave, from a simple poached egg right up to a complete family meal. All of the products in the range have been designed with convenience in mind and this is reflected in the multiple functions and ergonomics of each item.

Revolutionise your weekday dinner with this innovative M-Cuisine™ Microwave 4-piece Stackable Cooking Set, that allows you to cook anything from a single item right up to a full meal in one versatile product.

Comprising a main cooking pot for preparing rice, pasta or potatoes; a steamer basket for vegetables or fish; a griddle for cooking bacon or asparagus; and a reversible lid that doubles up as a microwave plate, the set can be used in a variety of combinations to suit your menu.

As well as being practical, it also has integrated handles that ensure all pieces can be safely removed from the microwave, so no need for oven gloves. Now you can cook all the elements of a healthy, satisfying meal with minimal fuss in one flexible, easy-to-use product.

Dishwasher safe. Suitable for use in microwave ovens up to 900 watts.

Measure, wash, cook and serve perfect fluffy rice straight from the microwave with the M–Cuisine™ Microwave Rice and Grain Cooker. It comprises a large 2-litre cooking pot and lid, colander, measuring cup and multi-purpose rice paddle that doubles up as both a lock and a carry handle. This space-saving cooker provides all the tools you need for the job without a kettle or a pan in sight.

Dishwasher safe. Suitable for use in microwave ovens up to 900watts.