Botot toothpaste

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Botot toothpaste

Botot Toothpaste - The World's First Toothpaste

Botot Toothpaste is a legandary product from France and it's now available here in Brisbane. It was invented way back in 1755 which makes it the world's first toothpaste.

Dr. Julien Botot created the toothpaste for King Louis XV of France using a natural formula that works to draw extra blood to the gum line. Botot Toothpaste has been recognized by the Royal Society of Medicine as a superior natural product.

True to its original French formula, Botot remains a best seller the world over and is a very sought after product.

  • Botot Toothpaste has a aniseed flavour with a touch of ginger/clove
  • Anti-plaque and anti-bacterial based on the original French formula
  • Made in Italy
  • Tube size is 75ml
  • Comes in very attractive, traditional packaging - a great original gift.

Buy Botot Toothpaste from our fabulous store in Woolloongabba, Brisbane or order here online and we will send it to you.